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Create your own loyalty program

Create a digital loyalty programme that sends rewards & emails to your customers automatically, generating valuable extra revenue for your business

Loyalty & rewards

Email marketing

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Benefit #1

Increase visit frequency

How many times do you customers shop with you per year? How would your business improve if you increased frequency of visits?

Regular emails keep your brand front of mind

Send customers offers after they pay to encourage repeat spend at your bakery

Create high quality customer relationships

Benefit #2

Increase revenue per customer

How much income do you earn per customer per year? How would your business improve if you increased the revenue of your existing customer base by 20%?

Increase the lifetime value of each customer

Generate higher turnover from your existing customer base

Turn your walk-ins into super fans that keep coming back and bring in new customers

What's included?

All the tools you need to grow your business

Loyalty programme

Spending Goal Loyalty Programme

Customers earn rewards when their spend over time reaches an amount. E.g: Spend £30 get a Free Coffee

Stamp Card Loyalty Programme

Customers earn rewards when they collect enough stamps. E.g: Collect 10 stamps get a Free Coffee

Branded Loyalty Website

Every loyalty programme comes with a branded website which your customers can use to view their loyalty and rewards


Weekly challenges

Reward customers when they spend a certain amount in a calendar week. E.g.: Spend £50 this week, get £10 back

Monthly challenges

Reward customers when they spend a certain amount in a calendar month. E.g.: Spend £200 this month, get £20 back

Sign-up offers

Create offers that sign up customers

Offers are a great way to incentivise customers to join your loyalty programme. With sign up offers your customers will receive an offer to use immediately when they

Share your sign-up offers far and wide

Sign-up offers can be shared using links. Links can be used on your social media channels, website and can be converted into qr codes to use on posters and flyers.

After-visit emails

Automatically send emails after each visit

Use LinkLoyalty to send your customers an email automatically after each customer spends with your business.

Send offers to get customers to come back

Send offer's to your customers after they pay to generate repeat spend, increase visit frequency and customer lifetime value.

Grow online reviews and followers

Send emails to your customers to direct customers to leave 5 star reviews or to follow your social media channels

Birthday offers

Automatically send customers birthday offers

Utilise your customer data, by sending customers an email containing a birthday offer to help them celebrate

Personalised Birthday Card Emails

Send branded personalised cards that utilise customer name data to help develop a strong bond with your customer

Email builder

Build emails customers will actually read

Our easy to use email builder enables you to create stylish emails with images, logos, personalisation and call to actions

Use built in AI to create emails 10x faster

Short on time? Generate text and images a lighting speed with built in AI. Got writers block? Ask our AI for ideas!

Built in compliance

All email templates come as standard with the ability for your customers to unsubscribe from marketing communication, keeping your company compliant.


Pricing that fits your business

Only pay for what your use, whether your just starting out or a national chain. We are here for you every step of the way.

Starting at:
£35 / month
Pricing scales in blocks as usage increases
£35 per 600 sends
Unlimited customers
Unlimited locations
Cancel any time
Start 14 day free trial